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Tips on Maintaining Garage Door Torsion Springs and Cables

The most important, critical, and dangerous component on any garage door is the torsion spring which supports the garage door in opening and closing operations.  However, wrongly installed, malfunction, or worn-out springs can present a great safety hazard. It is true that the garage door like other mechanical and electric equipment around the home needs regular inspection and maintenance in order to work in peal condition. Click here to learn much more about garage door spring services.

To keep the garage door in tip-top condition, you need to perform the visual inspection and lubrication. Garage door springs are the most important and safest parts of a garage door. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners are unaware of the importance of well-maintained garage door torsion springs. These springs and their attached several components need occasional maintenance services and safety checkups. If you are experiencing any problem while opening and closing the garage door, you should pay special attention to its torsion springs because they are the obvious perpetrators.

If torsion springs on a garage door are old, they become loose or worn out to a certain degree. They make the garage door dangerous to operate. The torsion springs are tightly wound components and always kept under high tension. Due to the high amount of pressure, even the heavy-duty garage door springs will eventually break. These springs have to be contained in order to avoid serious injuries and other property damages in the case of sudden breakage. The containment is either in the form of cables or external steel tube.

Even the springs are contained; they should be inspected and adjusted by the professional garage door experts. They should be replaced immediately whenever needed. If you have a garage door that functions with the help of two springs, and one of them is broken or malfunctioned, it makes sense to change both simultaneously. Your garage door may be creating squeak sounds or making chattering sounds when the garage door goes up and down. IT does not mean that your garage door springs are on their last legs and need to be replaced. The issue can be fixed by just lubricating it using any high-quality lubricant such as WD-40, or any other silicone spray.

Another clear sign that shows your garage door needs maintenance services if you found frayed or broken strips of cables hanging loose. Irrespective of the quality garage door springs or opener, there is a clear indication that the cables of your garage door are about to ending life.

A sudden break in the garage door springs and cables can cause to serious injuries. These broken springs and frayed cables should be replaced by an experienced garage door technician who is familiar with the mechanism and dangers of these highly tensed components.

Since garage door is weighted equipment. So the torsion springs of garage door need to be maintained due to its extreme weight. Springs and cables are highly tensed components; therefore don’t try any mechanical alteration on your own due to the risks involved in the work. It would be wise to consult a professional garage door technician to inspect these parts to avoid potential injuries and damages caused by faulty garage door springs.