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Safety First When Repairing or Replacing Garage Door Springs

There is one garage door repair task which you should not even perform without having any professional expertise. That’s a garage door extension spring replacement job. These springs are used to aid and counterbalance the weight of the garage door while opening and closing the process. Since these metal springs are loaded with a high amount of pressure, if not managed properly, they could expose.

Homeowners have been reported severely injured or killed by broken garage door springs, this s why they are considered a dangerous component which should be handled with care. It is strongly advised to hire professional garage door services like to deal with broken garage door springs especially if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools.

There are two common types of garage door springs that are used to support the operating system of an overhead garage door. They are extension springs and torsion springs. Extension springs are the least common but the safest type than torsion springs. You will find them placed on a shaft over the garage’s opening in a pair. It is also important to note here that if one of them has already broken, you will have to change both of them because the other one will follow soon. Replacing them at the same time will save you both time and money. If your garage door works on extension springs, they will be mounted on each side of the garage door. You can replace the extension springs on your own if you have the right tools and a little bit of knowledge about them. The appropriate required tools are:

  • The proper size of vise grip pliers
  • The correct size of winding bars
  • Socket wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Ruler
  • Rags
  • Steady ladder

You will be able to conduct the safest and secure spring replacement job as long as you have these appropriate tools. Never ever try to adjust the wrong size of the winding bar or wrench, you will only inviting trouble if you do. Another safety precaution for working on garage door spring is to keep in mind that the garage door is heavy and large equipment. Remember, heavy duty models can weigh 700 to 900 pounds. Right at the same time, the spring which operates the garage door is under an extreme amount of force. Extension spring replacement is safer than the torsion springs. They do not expand or contract when the garage door opens and closes. Extension springs are strongly recommended to operate the garage door smoothly and effortlessly and much safer to have in your garage.

It is not worth a human life to take the risk of a garage door spring replacement job without having proper skills level. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that if you are not sure about your abilities, hire a professional garage door expert who has been qualified and trained to handle the job.