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Category: Garage Door

Garage Door Repair – Problems and Fixes

A garage door is one of the basic and important household equipment which is an essential device for your everyday life. Just imagine that you are getting ready for your work or party, rush to the garage, and try to open the garage door with the help of a garage door remote, you never realize how important the functional garage door is?

When something goes wrong with your garage door and your garage door become malfunctioned. You don’t have any other option of getting out of your car and you are getting late for your work and function then you realize how important the garage door is to your life. Therefore, when your garage door starts to malfunction, it is essential to conduct garage door inspection and repair as soon as possible. Click here to get more details about garage door services.

Fixing a malfunctioning garage door is not very critical or hard, you just need to conduct some tests and techniques on your own if you are comfortable with handy tools and familiar with the mechanism of a garage door. However, if you are not sure about your skills, don’t attempt any fixing task on your own because it will hurt you.

Common problems encounter with your garage door:

  • The garage door is nor responding to the opener at all
  • The garage door opener seems to work but does not open the garage door
  • The garage door opens and closes partially
  • Garage door creating loud sounds or shaking while operating
  • A garage door needs too much force to open

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you will have to start garage door fixing and maintenance work right now. The garage door repair project normally involves some testing of the condition of hardware, lubricating the machinery, fixing the operating system, changing the batteries of the opener, and cleaning or aligning the garage door tracks in the right manner.

Before conducting a garage door repair project, you should check the power supply because you just need to disconnect the power supply to inspect the garage door thoroughly. Next, you will have to find out the operating system on which garage door runs. Garage doors work on two types of operating systems, one is a standard extension system which is easier to fix and another system is complex to handle because it has cables, pulleys, rollers, and torsion springs. If you have a garage door torsion springs system, call a professional garage door technician to deal with it. They are large and heavy components and mounted under extreme pressure which will hurt you while trying fixing on your own.

In case, you want to do temporary fixes, you will have to use the red cord which hangs below the garage door opener. You should pull the cord to disconnect the opener from the garage door. It will allow you to operate the garage door manually. If the springs snap, the garage door might shut down suddenly, so be careful and attempting garage door fixing on your own. Keep your kids or pets away from the malfunctioning garage door.

If you determined that problems lie with the garage door tracks not with the operating system, you should call a professional garage door expert for the repair or replacement of certain parts.




Garage Door Repair for Security

Many homeowners use the garage door as the main entrance to their home for a variety of reasons, for example, allow their kids to use keyless entry to get inside the door after school and to avoid getting off from the car in harsh weather. Unfortunately, many robberies took place due to the easy approach to home through the garage door. There are several reputed firms like, Hogan & Son Garage Door Repair that provide tips and tricks to kelp you to make your garage door more secure.

Know the basic garage door operation

If you are working in the garage and letting your kids play outside the house, you might be returned inside the home without managing the garage door. Just imagine, it’s too late at night, and you forgot to close the garage door completely. Thankfully, there is an in-house monitor that will alert you if your garage door has been left open.

Furthermore, you always want to open the garage door quickly especially in emergency situations. So in the case of a power outage, you should not have to worry about being stuck in a garage due to the electric garage door opener. The latest garage door openers come with standby features that can be operated without electricity. This battery backup system will support you to open and close the garage door several times during a power outage. Are you interested to install new garage door operating systems, contact a reputed garage door firm for further advice and assistance?

Secure the keyless entry

Traditional garage door opener and its single-code garage door remote control would give chance to thieves to found the various ways to steal the code and gain an easy approach to your home. However, modern operating garage door systems come with rolling code technology to protect the door from hacking.

In addition to this, keypads that were installed outside the garage offer keyless entry using changeable codes.  Today, the latest models need fingerprints, ensuring that your secret code won’t be hacked. You can input the fingerprints of all your family members into the system. You can also add temporary access for friends and relatives by establishing a code for short term use only.

Protect the interior

Even if your garage door is in working condition, someone may still get access to it. Make sure all the garage door windows are locked and sealed perfectly. If your garage door has any extra door, make sure it should be locked. Add security alarm to your garage door, if you are on holiday and want to travel to ensure the safety of your system.

The bottom line

A cheap-looking and the damaged garage door will give an open invitation to unwanted persons. You should add some security features to your garage door instead of waiting for major garage door repair. Conduct regular check-ups and maintenance to add extra security systems to keep your home safe.