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Garage Door Repair: Troubleshooting Techniques

A well-functional garage door is a precious asset for your home. Not only would it look pretty but also it can offer efficient security. However, it might stop functioning due to several reasons.

There are several things that can possibly go wrong with your mechanism. This is why it is important to learn several things about how to troubleshoot a non-functioning garage door. In this article, you will take a closer look at the different techniques for troubleshooting various garage door problems. But if you are not confident about your capabilities, you should consult a professional garage door services like Fairfield garage door repair service to fix your garage door.

  • Check if the garage door opens or closes on its own. You will need to use the wall-mounted switch to confirm if it will work. If it is in its functional position, it means that the garage door remote, sensor, or antenna is likely the issue. If your garage door still does not work, it might be a problem with the running gear or electric system.
  • Check the electric cord to make sure that it is plugged in properly. It is one of the matters which can make your garage door technician go crazy. Make sure that the cord is not unplugged to save yourself from a ton of troubles in a long run.
  • Inspect the garage door motor. You will be shocked that the motor can be prone to different problems. If you are not confident about what is going wrong with your equipment, check if the motor has gone hot. If it does, allow it to be cool. After that, test the functionality of your garage door once again.

  • Examine the safety sensors. Well, one overlooked factor of garage door repair is to check the safety sensors. They can become useless if they are obstructed, misaligned, and damaged. Make sure that your sensors are properly aligned and should be free from any potential instructions like, cobwebs and dust.
  • Test the functionality of the remote. There is a possibility that the remote of your garage door is faulty instead of the garage door. Replace the batteries of the remote to make it functional. If it is still not working, consider buying a new device.
  • Check the running gears. It is possible that your garage door is not working properly due to the poor running gears. There is a chance that sprockets and gears are worn out due to a lack of lubrication. This is why; you will have to pay special attention to this area.
  • Check the electric wiring. In case everything is plugged in properly and all the running gear looks fine, it indicates that there is a problem with the electrical system. It is possible that the wires are got damaged which need to be fixed.

Before going with professional garage door repair services, it is important to conduct some troubleshooting tests to determine what exactly goes wrong with the garage door. There are several things which you can handle on your own easily, but it is strongly suggested that get the help of professionals to take the benefits of value-added services.